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Long Term Climate History of Earth

Posted by greg2213 on January 15, 2010

In the beginning, it was warm…

Then it cooled (and there was an ice age)…

Then it was warm again…

Then it cooled, again…

And then it was warm again…

After which it cooled, but not quite as much…

Of course, after that it warmed again…

And then the most recent series of ice ages started and the Earth cooled…

Except for a few short interglacials, when it warmed again, and we are in one of those interglacials.

The late Ordovician period (about 450 million years ago) was an ice age with CO2 levels 10-12 times higher than today’s levels.

This page shows a history of the Earth over the last 600 million years. Even with the uncertainty of measurement, it’s still fascinating. Among other things, it notes that the Earth has been cooling over the last 30 million years. It also offers a geological hypothesis for ice ages.

Check it out: Climate and the Carboniferous Period


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