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Al Gore is a Greenhouse Gasbag

Posted by greg2213 on January 16, 2010

So says Penn Prof. Bob Giegengack. As you might guess, he takes a dim view of Gore’s view, even though he voted for Gore in 2000 and would again (in 2008.)

I found this in my “stack o’ stuff” – it’s a 2007 article in PhillyMag and gives an geologist’s view of why Al Gore’s version of events is nonsense. Nothing has changed since the article was written.

As  Giegengack says to his class:

“What I’m going to try to do the rest of today and also probably on Tuesday is bring you up to date on this. I’ll try to avoid editorializing or politicking. I’ll just tell you some stuff. Give you information. There’s lot’s of stuff, and it’s very complicated.”

Gieg gazes upward toward his young charges. “Every single one of you knows more about this than Al Gore,” he tells the undergrads. “And vastly more than anyone in this present (Bush) administration.”

Here’s the rest

Of course, the current administration (Obama’s) hasn’t shown that it knows anything more than Bush’s. Giegengack seems to take a dim view of Republicans (as shown by his remark about Rove) and so do I, but probably for very different reasons. I hardly think he can be dumped into the “Right-Wing etc” group of skeptics.

Anyway, the article is a pretty good GW primer and is very accessible. No math required.

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