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Extreme Predictions, CC as Religion, Voting

Posted by greg2213 on January 16, 2010

The alarmists and hysterics have been making wild predictions for years (much to the enjoyment of the AGW scientists, since it brings in more grant money.) In this way they are much like the quasi-religious cults and 2012 crowd which regularly predict the end of the world.

One would think that if Climate Change was a real science that the scientists would be trying to stomp out the Al Gore types with the same energy that they are using to stomp out the skeptics.

Anyway, when the predictions fail  they just move the date and start again with even more dire predictions.

Is it any wonder that some call CAGW a religion?

Now you have a chance to vote on the most extreme predictions, and there are some doozies, that have come out of the mouths, or pens, of the AGW cultists.  At The Air Vent:

Well we made it another year and I for one currently have half a foot of global warming in the drive. Despite these minor hardships, it’s time to choose which scientist, editor or politician deserves the newly invented yet widely coveted – Air Vent “MOST EXTREME PREDICTIONS FOR 2009!!”

Who had the right stuff, which luminary put their money and mouth on the line, who knew the future and was brave enough to tell all.

Vote here: Time to vote – 2009 Most Extreme Predictions!!

Update 3/26/10:  added links to religious stuff, above.

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