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Debunked – Worries About the Collapse of the Gulf Stream

Posted by greg2213 on January 17, 2010

People worry about conditions in the Arctic causing the collapse of ocean current systems, keeping Europe warmer than otherwise, said collapse resulting in another ice age. Nothing to worry about here.

North Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation / Gulf Stream

Some global warming alarmists suggest that the North Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation (NATC) or (Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation) will be disrupted by the melting of the Arctic ice cap, causing an ice age. This is known by scientists to be a bogus scenario.

This has mainly come about due to a general misunderstanding of the NATC and the Gulf Stream.

Rest the rest, here.

Among other things, the above links to additions events and demonstrates that there are no worries about “Global Warming” causing issues, with precipitation, hurricanes, ice caps, sea level rise, glaciers, polar bears (and other critters,) or human disease.

Surprising Return of North Atlantic Circulation Pump

One of the “pumps” contributing to the ocean’s global circulation suddenly switched on again last winter for the first time this decade, scientists reported Tuesday ( Dec. 23 ) in Nature Geoscience.

Here’s the rest

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