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So Who Profits by Climate Change?

Posted by greg2213 on January 18, 2010

Lots of Dollars2 Euro coinEU Referendum has been doing a lot of work on uncovering the money trails leading to and from the IPCC and various entities involved in Climate Change. Some of these money trails are very interesting.

For all that Dr R K Pachauri has his hands deeply embedded in the till, he is actually a small-time chancer, made good. The really big money lies elsewhere, and he is just on the edge of it, picking up the crumbs. This comes home when we return to look at the mysterious European Climate Foundation (ECF) and follow through some of the sponsors – or “funding partners” as they prefer to call them.

One of those was the Ecofin Research Foundation, which we looked yesterday, finding that it had donated just a few pounds short of £1 million to get the ECF off the ground. But this is small beer compared with what other “funding partners” have given.

Read the rest, here: The Big Money

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