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Heresy! No Warming Before 1997!!!

Posted by greg2213 on February 11, 2010

Regarding a paper by Arno Arrak:

Warning: This paper has been rejected by Science, by Nature, and by PNAS. It may be hazardous to your research grant.

The above warming is in the actual paper. Now, since Science, Nature, and (presumably) PNAS are staunch believers in AGW it stands to reason that these journals would reject heresy such as a paper that deniers any warming before ’97. If we assume that these journals are 100% unbiased then that doesn’t say anything good for Arrak’s paper, though it may be worth a look. If we assume these journals are part of the “hide the decline” crowd (that they are biased) then the paper is definitely worth a look.

Here’s the author’s first point:

There was no global warming at all from 1978 to 1997. Satellite observations show that instead of rising the global temperature just oscillated during this time with a peak‐to‐peak amplitude of 0.4 to 0.5 degrees Celsius and a period of three to five years, about a mean value that remained unchanged for twenty years. This lack of warming takes away any reason to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the supposed cause of this non‐existent warming.

His other points are at least as heretical. Should he be burned at the stake? You decide: Satellite Data Show that there Was No Global Warming Before 1997 (1st of two parts)

update: Seems that lead warmist Dr. Phil Jones agrees. Jones says, “It’s Dead, Jim”


3 Responses to “Heresy! No Warming Before 1997!!!”

  1. Geez, I thought Professor Phil Jones came out in an interview and said there was no significant warming since 1995. Climategate the gift that keeps on giving!!!

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