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Climate Change Policies = Starvation

Posted by greg2213 on February 16, 2010

On BigJournalism:

A few weeks ago, Lord Christopher Monckton told me a distressing story about a visit to Haiti. He said that poverty in that troubled nation is so pervasive that many of its inhabitants have been reduced to eating mud pies. The term “mud pies” is not slang for a local staple made from locally-grown cereal crops. We’re talking about people reduced to eating actual dirt. Monckton watched Haitians form mud into the shape of pies, mixing in a sprinkling of whatever nutritional foodstuffs might be available (like oil and salt) and then “cooking” the mud pies in the sun.

The article goes on to explain how climate change policies have made their plight of these people worse.

Given what various extremists have said about “the need for” population decrease there’s a part of me that thinks that this is not an “unintended consequence.”

Of course, given that these same people know nothing about economics, markets, or reality, maybe it really is unintended.

Here’s the story: Unintended Consequences: Battling ‘Climate Change’ Creates Famine

3 Responses to “Climate Change Policies = Starvation”

  1. comdenom said

    We, as the human race occupy a mere 1% of the earth’s surface. Population preoccupation must be a tactic to hide the ineptness of the policy makers (if extreme stupidity is the case) or distraction to the deviant agenda fraught with lies and manipulation for a sordid attempt to wipe out the middle class and put mud pies on our menu too.

    The climate price tag was/is costly, I feel sorry for the nations that didn’t have as far to fall as we did.

    I was given this really succinct article explaining the antics that created and busted our economic bubble with it’s trickle down effect, enjoy!

    • greg2213 said

      Didn’t have as far to fall? Like Haiti? I agree, climate policy to data is 100% wrong headed and screws the little guys. And the really little guys are crushed under the boot heels of dictators made rich through climate reparations.

      That article you linked to isn’t bad given that it was written by staunch Democrats and pretty much ignored our Government’s primary influence in the crash (at least, part one did.) My personal feeling is that these corporations are more honest, open, and transparent than our current Government (which isn’t necessarily saying much.) I’ll check out part 2 though, and see how (if) it slams the Gov policies that caused the crash.

      In any case, Thomas Sowell does a much better job of explaining the crash, here.

  2. ohhh nice info

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