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Monckton, Copenhagen II, Socialism, The End is Nigh

Posted by greg2213 on March 15, 2010

Looks like they’re at it again, not that this is in any way surprising. And the doomsayers complain of censorship. I wonder how long we’ll have to keep an eye on these people? Forever? Probably. There are always those who want power (and money) and global warming is such a delicious vehicle for achieving both.

Warmists at it again, Monckton warns. – The AGW crowd failed miserably at Copenhagen to establish a new global dictatorship on the back of phony and discredited ‘global warming’ but Lord Monckton calls our attention to a creepy closed door meeting of the UN Selectocracy in April at Bonn this year in advance of the public re-hash in Cancun, Mexico from November 29-December 10.

Lord Monckton warns of Climate Change Treaty resurrection in Bonn – Lord Monckton warns us of the impending Bonn Climate conference – another Copenhagen, but this time, probably more devious in its conception. Includes a transcript and links.

The entirety of the catastrophic warming concept (CWC) is about power and money. Government control over energy use, huge tax windfalls, endless grant monies, huge profits for the banks, huge profits for Gore and company, billions of dollars to enrich the elites, control over people’s lives (intoxicating,) 3rd world dictator enrichment act, putting the 1st world “in it’s place,” and so on. Lot’s of reasons to support the CWC and precious few not to, unless one believes in such antiquated concepts as truth, freedom, and similar nonsense.

No wonder people call global warming a scam. One hell of a wonderful scam if you’re on the receiving end of some of that incredible gravy train.

And for the wags reading this who might want to quibble with the above, we’re not talking about the .6C or so that the world might have warmed over the last hundred some odd years. We’re talking about Gore’s delusional version of reality. That’s the scam.


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