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Posted by greg2213 on March 26, 2010

I updated my 1934 was/wasn’t post with a page comparing some graphs, by NASA’s James Hansen, that were done then with more recent graphs. It’s interesting how all the updates to those graphs show more warming than before.

Here’s the page with the graphs (and at the bottom of the page is a note showing that Dr. Hansen was an global cooling alarmist before he was a warming alarmist. )

Here’s Dr. Hansen’s 1988 paper describing, among other things, his three climate scenarios: A, B, & C. A projects temperatures with no CO2 abatement, B is a middle ground, and C show major abatement.

I think it’s interesting how scenario C seems to be closest to the real world observations, despite the CO2 increases and lack of abatement.I’m probably reading it all wrong, but it’s still interesting.

Obviously various models have been created and updated since 1988. Most of them seem to make pretty much the same predictions as the A&B scenarios.


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