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Increased Strife from Global Warming? Not Likely.

Posted by greg2213 on March 30, 2010

One of the scenarios posted by the scaremongers is that a warming world will be a more violent world. In addition to stress from being warmer people will fight over dwindling resources, such as water.

Nevermind that there is little to no evidence of the resource issue occuring, and that there is a lot of evidence that a warmer world is a better one for people,plants, and critters.

CO2science has a paper that demonstrates that the issues would come from global cooling, not warming (emphasis mine.)

The results of Tol and Wagner’s analyses provide additional evidence that, as they describe it, “periods with lower temperatures in the pre-industrial era are accompanied by violent conflicts.” However, they determined that “this effect is much weaker in the modern world than it was in pre-industrial times,” which implies, in their words, “that future global warming is not likely to lead to (civil) war between (within) European countries.” Therefore, they conclude that “should anyone ever seriously have believed that, this paper does put that idea to rest.”

The rest: War and Peace … and Climate Change

I’m solidly in the camp that says, “Extreme claims of problems/damage from global warming should be taken with large grains of salt, at best. Generally, it’s probably best to laugh at them.”

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