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So What Should be Done About CO2?

Posted by greg2213 on May 15, 2010

My view is nothing. But I’ll go deeper in…

Jeff @ The Air Vent asks the question, “What to do About CO2,” since so many, otherwise rational, people seem to think we should do something. Since I don’t see CO2 or warming as problems you can probably guess what my answer would be. I commented on his post and I’ll repeat that here.

The questions Jeff asks are:

– Why we should limit CO2

We shouldn’t. We should limit the toxic stuff, but CO2 is about as far from toxic as one can get and is, in fact, one of the bases of the entire food chain of this planet. All of the Earth’s greenery would be much happier if CO2 levels tripled. So would our ocean life.

We certainly should try to get off of fossil fuels eventually, one major reason being that it would free us from dependence on violent mid-east regimes. Before we can do that we should develop our own carbon resources and encourage 3rd world countries to develop theirs. Let the Hugo Chevez’ and Irans of the world import their fuels, we (in the US) have enough oil/coal/shale resources that we can cut our dependence big time. Add in nuclear and we could probably say goodbye to Saudi Arabia and the others.

– What your preferred method for limitation is

My preferred limitation is to limit the green extremists and Al Gore types. To keep them as far from political office and policy as possible. Cut taxes (and spending) and offer greater tax breaks to companies bringing new clean technologies to market, including nuclear, geothermal, and hydro.

Kill cap and tax (trade) since that’s a bigger scan than anything Bernie or Enron ever dreamed of. Well, except that Enron was a big supporter of Kyoto… Gee, I wonder why…

Kill the money train to 3rd world dictators since they will only spend the money on palaces and luxuries,  not on improving the lot of their peoples.

and if you’re interested, why it’s better than doing nothing.

Doing nothing is better and cutting government interference in the marketplace is better still.

Oh yes, and Drill Baby, Drill. Cleanly.

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