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Greenland (ice) is Melting. So What?

Posted by greg2213 on May 23, 2010

From a WUWT post on the GRACE satellites measuring changes of the Greenland ice cap (more about GRACE here.)

Which sounds worse (more catastrophic?)

  1. … the island has been losing weight, an average of 183 gigatons (or 200 cubic kilometers) — in ice — annually during the past six years. That’s one third the volume of water in Lake Erie every year…  or
  2. …This is an annual loss of 0.008%, and a time to total loss of 12,000 years…

Gee… 12,000 years to the melting of the ice cap. Ooooo….

(we’ll ignore possible sources of error in the measurements.)

And a massive loss of Greenland ice would be a bad thing, because…? Sea level rise? Over 12,000 years I think we can adapt to a few feet of sea level rise. Unless, of course, our economies have been destroyed by our various governments, but that’s another post.

We could go back to farming Greenland, like the Vikings did. A warmer world would be a very nice thing.

The problem, of course, is that when the cooling sets in and drops us back into a “little ice age,” or a real ice age, melting Greenland ice will no longer be of interest. Not that it will be melting, anymore. Major cooling will put a lot more pressure on everything than warming will.

A nice fantasy: enviro-alarmists drop the catastrophic hype that they automatically add to all of their environmental statements and base those statements on reality and with proper context. Won’t happen, I know, but I did say it was a fantasy.

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