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Posted by greg2213 on July 10, 2010

With the Arizona record showing no warming certain adjustments had to be made (and Arizona is quite warm enough already, thank you.) Yet another from WUWT:

NCDC has done an first rate job raising Arizona summer temperatures, as seen in the graph below…

Raising Arizona

Now, since I don’t know the real reasons behind such interesting choices in gauge placement, I’ll just ramble a bit…

Can the people who place/monitor/operate these temperate stations really be that sloppy? That incompetent? Are they too lazy to walk a few extra yards to a well-sited station? Too lazy to install some form of data transmission device? Or is it just an “Any data that fits the current thinking is good data and won’t be questioned…” type of post-modern “science?”

Maybe all the available money went into the supercomputers (to crunch up new models) and there’s none left to do a decent job of collecting real data?

Is there any reason that we should consider the surface record to be worth anything?

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