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Climategate Anniversary Funnies

Posted by greg2213 on November 17, 2010

About a year ago the Climategate files were released and things have been interesting. According to the Warm side, there is nothing particularly interesting about the files and I suppose they’re right.

Trimming inconvenient data, tricks to hide the trims, fixing the peer-review, and so on are all S.O.P. across all branches of science. We’ve also learned that one is not supposed to question the science, which makes me wonder why these people aren’t supporting ideas like the Celestial Spheres theory, since it was established science and to question that theory would be bad, bad, bad.

Anyway, what brought this bit of snarkiness of is a hilarious piece on WUWT, that does an excellent parody of the CRU crew. It’s something of an insider joke, one should have a good idea of what’s happened to “get it.”

Everything is consistent with Global Warming
The CRU at East Anglia has released a new study which proves conclusively that Global Warming caused Climate Change, which in turn caused Climate Disruption, which in turn is the cause of everything else. Based on previous research by the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster linking global warming with the decrease in the number of pirates over the last few hundred years, and new research showing that the current flat trend in global temperatures correlates with a recent resurgence of piracy, especially in the waters off of Somalia, Phil Jones et al, have submitted a new research paper to the Journal of Unbelievably New Claptrap (JUNC) that proves everything is caused by Global Warming.

The rest: Climategate Anniversary Humor


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