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Warming Increases Tree Growth

Posted by greg2213 on May 28, 2011

An interesting study is posted on WUWT:

The paper summarizes the results of a 7-year study at Harvard Forest in central Massachusetts, in which a section of the forest (about one-quarter of an acre) was artificially warmed about 9oF above ambient, to simulate the amount of climate warming that might be observed by the end of the century without aggressive actions to control greenhouse gas emissions from fossil-fuel burning and deforestation.

The study confirmed, as others have, that a warmer climate causes more rapid decomposition of the organic matter in soil, leading to an increase in carbon dioxide being released to the atmosphere.

But the study also showed, for the first time in a field experiment, that warmer temperatures stimulate the gain of carbon stored in trees as woody tissue, partially offsetting the soil carbon loss to the atmosphere. The carbon gains in trees, the scientists found, is due to more nitrogen being made available to the trees with warmer soil.

read the rest: Warmer temperatures stimulate the gain of carbon stored in trees

The authors (or, at least, the writer(s) of the press release) seems to think that CO2 is the primary greenhouse gas in the atmosphere and that temps might increase by 9F by the end of the century.

The comments point out a few holes in the study, but it does seem to indicate that warming is a good thing, which makes perfect sense, since plant growth/range is limited by cold and not warmth.

A commenter adds more about CO2 and plant growth:

It is ironic that current research and the paleo record unequivocally supports the statement that the biosphere expands and is more efficient due to higher atmospheric CO2,as the so called green groups advocate carbon caps and carbon sequestration. The problem appears to be an inability to think independently and the green leaches such as those who profit from “wind farms” and “carbon trading” and “green consulting”.

Benefits due to Increasing CO2
The finding that increasing CO2 levels has caused a 50% increase in Aspen growth is not a surprise….

Click here for the whole comment

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