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So, You Think Global Warming is Causing These Problems?

Posted by greg2213 on June 3, 2011

C3 Headlines has something to say about Global Warming and disaster losses:

The Dutch researcher reports that “most of the 22 studies have not found a trend in disaster losses, after normalization for changes in population and wealth.” In fact, he says that “all 22 studies show that increases in exposure and wealth are by far the most important drivers for growing disaster losses ,” a conclusion that has also been reached by Changnon et al. (2000), Pielke et al. (2005) and Bouwer et al. (2007). And he adds that “no study identified changes in extreme weather due to anthropogenic climate change as the main driver for any remaining trend.”…Reiterating these observations in his paper’s concluding paragraph, Bouwer says that although “economic losses from various weather-related natural hazards, such as storms, tropical cyclones, floods, and small-scale weather events (e.g., wildfires and hailstorms), have increased around the globe,” the 22 studies he analyzed “show no trends in losses, corrected for changes (increases) in population and capital at risk, that could be attributed to anthropogenic climate change.”” [Laurens M. Bouwer 2011: Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society]

The whole post: Dear Gov. Christie: 22 Peer-Reviewed Studies Prove That Global Warming Is Not The Cause of Increased Disaster Losses

Seems like this kinda goes hand in hand with that nonsensical article on ethics, written by Brown.

More on the lack of connection: Bastardi on the non-existent climate-tornado linkage


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