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Climate Change Denier Tattoo Sweepstakes!

Posted by greg2213 on June 6, 2011

In honor of would-be totalitarians (Seig Heil!) wanting to tattoo heretics, has a contest…

Ready to be out and proud? Enter’s Climate Change Denier Tattoo Sweepstakes!

Sydney Morning Herald columnist Richard Glover appallingly suggested that climate ‘deniers” be forcibly tattooed for purposes of future shaming.

While the chilling totalitarian mindset of this barely tongue-in-cheek commentary speaks for itself, we at like to think of our status as climate change skeptics as a principled stand against shoddy science, public policy hysteria and unnecessary economy-killing regulation.

In that spirit, we’re proud to announce this opportunity for fellow skeptics to win $500 by entering the Climate Change Denier Tattoo Sweepstakes.

Go here to enter: Win $500 in’s ‘Climate Change Denier Tattoo’ Sweepstakes!

Certain people really do need all the parody/ridicule that they can get. Got a good tatoo or other “body art?” Go enter.

More on said totalitarian: Climate Change & Violent Fantasies

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