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Posted by greg2213 on June 10, 2011

Since the Warm Side believes that models have predictive power, over and above what real data tells us, then we should use models for many more things. This quote puts it nicely:

If we can rely so squarely on computer modeling to confirm global weather patterns decades into the future then why not expand this miraculous technology into every aspect of scientific and safety testing?

Why conduct expensive drug trials for example, when we could simply create computer models to demonstrate if a new drug is safe?

Why worry about physically testing new materials for safety at all? New car crash tests, for example, could be modeled instead. Better yet, let’s allow the car companies to generate their own crash test computer models based on data they collected themselves with no oversite. Then the car companies could submit their models to prove a new vehicle’s safety. There would be no need to verify their data, the computer models would tell us everything we needed to know.

source: Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, June 9th 2011

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