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IPCC, Pachauri, and “Distinguished Scientists”

Posted by greg2213 on July 28, 2011

The IPCC, like many organizations, gives it’s associates a label, Distinguished Scientists in this case, which elevates the associate in the eyes of those looking at his or her work. The label leads us to believes that the qualifications of the associate are higher, perhaps much higher, than they actually might be.

As Ms. Laframboise points out:

Pachauri has said IPCC reports are written by the world’s top scientists when, in fact, many of those involved are 20-something grad students, green activists, and people appointed with an eye to filling “diversity” quotas.

In yesterday’s article Pachauri dismissed concerns that a lead author of a recent IPCC report is a Greenpeace activist…

Here’s the rest: How the IPCC Defines ‘Distinguished Scientist’

So let’s keep in mind that Distinguished Scientists doesn’t quite mean, at least in this case, what we think it should mean.

Update 3/14/13: Australia Misleads the World About the IPCC


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