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So, About That Peer-Review

Posted by greg2213 on August 12, 2011

WUWT has an article on a new Hockey Stick: the increase in the number of peer-reviewed papers that are retracted.

The Wall Street Journal reports that retractions of scientific papers have surged in recent years, with the top 3 journals issuing retractions being PNAS, Science and Nature.  The graph above shows the increase in the rate of retracted papers.

Here: The newest hockey stick

It’s also on Pielke Jr.s site: Surging Retractions in Scientific Publishing and he comments: “One thing you’ll notice is that most of the attention to retractions occurs in the medical sciences. Here is a leading question — is that because that area of research is more subject to error or fraud?”

The main study is in the Journal of Medical Ethics

A WUWT commenter says, “0.035% of publications are retracted. Always watch the actual numbers. It is certainly interesting that the rate is up from pretty much zero thirty years ago. But the actual numbers suggest very few papers actually are retracted. ”

But really…

It looks to me like the number of retractions is small enough to be considered uninteresting.

Of course, given that trend lines are the “important thing” in science, this means that in a few years all scientific papers will be retracted. Perhaps before they’re published. It’s very definitely worse than we thought! In a very few decades there will be no science!!!”

Drawling a line between 2000 and 2009 we have a 5 fold increase in retractions. Draw the line and you’ll see the approaching catastrophe. Clearly there’s no choice but for the UN to take over all scientific research and publishing. There are only a very few years left in which to act to save all of science!




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