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Al Gore’s 24 Hours of Nonsense, Sept 14, 2012

Posted by greg2213 on September 13, 2011

In no particular order, commentary from the rational side. Gore’s amazingly bad videos can be found on some of these sites. Newest links are at the top of the list.

Gore claims the skeptics have money, but who is it who has enough spare cash to even think about holding a 24 hour fantasy telethon (not just a blogathon?) Not the skeptics.

Global Warming Hillarity: Global warming causes armed robbery, prostitution, drug abuse and lack of quality time in Ghana

posted by Ben Pile on Monday, September 12, 2011

That old chestnut… That the ‘climate denial machine’ is ‘well-funded’… is about to suffer another blow to its credibility.

Luboš Motl of the Reference Frame has an entertaining take on the Climate Reality project, which seems to be Al Gore’s latest stunt.(That page has since been updated and changed.)

Says Motl,

Just look at the dozens of people who had to participate in the creation of these amateurish, would-be interesting movies that have 12,000 or 15,000 views on YouTube, respectively. Imagine how many millions of dollars have been thrown to the trash bin, how many fat screaming female musicians had to be killed during the shooting. Gore’s videos are completely unoriginal, can’t compare with the videos that inspired Gore (like Honda’s Rube Goldberg device: I recently saw some equally good ones, not just the Melvin Machine, but forgot the URLs), and they really make no sense. Why is a Rube Goldberg machine used in a video about the climate? What point could it make (except that alarmists’ arguments are contrived and extremely unlikely)? Those people are just not capable of thinking, capable of doing anything well. They’re just low-quality people.

It’s a good point. There seems to be no end of cash available to promote the catastrophic story, and the individuals behind it, of course. This latest stunt is a 24-hour long web-TV extravaganza. The man himself, says,

“24 Hours of Reality will focus the world’s attention on the full truth, scope, scale and impact of the climate crisis. To remove the doubt. Reveal the deniers. And catalyze urgency around an issue that affects every one of us.”


It’s an interesting claim. Reality, it seems, is determined by committee, chaired by none other than himself. ‘I’ve got reality on my side’, he seems to be saying, ‘what have you got?’

We ain’t got enough cash for a 24 hour worldwide telethon, that’s for sure, Al.

This is a promo for the event.

And ain’t that the point… There’s the proverbial sh*t that his the fan, to which the promo visually alludes (oh, the subtlety), but there’s the other idiom, ‘throw enough dirt and some of it will stick’.

What possible use could 24 hours of web TV to settling the argument, other than to bore the opposition into submission? There are only two categories of people who will be willing to endure such a dull enterprise: the choir, who need no preaching; and sceptics, who will find it entertaining to see the climate Great and Good attempt to elevate and flatter themselves. Nobody will be watching this from on the fence.

If this 24 hour Gore-Bore-a-thon is an attempt to do anything, it is yet another attempt to win the ‘debate’ without having it. It’s about asserting a claim about ‘reality’, without ever having the claim tested. It’s not simply ‘bias’; it’s naked dogma. All it will do is epitomise the environmental movement’s intransigence; it’s inability to respond to criticism. It may work, of course, for the true believers in one respect. For the committed, it will be a self-affirming ritual… A ceremony for the smug, who will nod, tut, sigh and laugh on cue. But… there is good news…

This failure to permit dialogue must by now be the essential characteristic of the environmental movement, beyond question. I have lost count of the number of on and off-line discussions I have had, in which it became clear that my opponent’s intentions were not to respond to anything I said, but to merely recite the litany at me. In contrast to discussion, in which a point can be explored, conversations with the Faithful do not progress. These encounters are not conversations. There is no person, merely dogma.

If I were to speculate as to what might be going on, it is this. If one starts from the view that ‘the debate is over’ and ‘the science is settled’, and that all that is necessary to win the debate is to tell the consensus story, it is by definition, an appeal to authority: it’s not me who is saying it; it’s not my opinion; it is science‘. Thus the proponent of this view has completely surrendered his own judgement. Lacking any critical function, he has no option but to recycle the litany, as best it fits any turn the discussion takes. He doesn’t have to understand the science, he merely needs to know what to say, and when. It is impossible to have a discussion with such a mind. It is not capable of discussion.

The good news is this, then. As human as this tendency is, so is the tendency to realise that what once seemed like sense is dogma. Since the only people watching the contrived ‘reality’ that Gore and his crew want to promote are likely to be the choir, the only people it will bore are the choir. And the longer they are expected to obediently sit, listen, repeat, and sing on cue, for no reward — for no payoff whatsoever — the more likely they will want to start singing a different tune.

Please, Mr Gore, more 24-hour long ‘reality’ stunts.

4 Responses to “Al Gore’s 24 Hours of Nonsense, Sept 14, 2012”

  1. Al $$$ Gore never liked to debate anyone on the climate issues.He has for years now,avoided debate requests from skeptics of the AGW hypothesis.

    We KNOW he is not scared to speak in from of millions of people.He has done that before.He has no excuse for ducking them.But he knows why he is a D- science student.

    But he sure likes to make a gob of $$$ promoting doom and gloom.If we are indeed doomed.Why is he still charging exorbitant fees to speak anywhere? He already has more than enough money.He has conned a lot of ignorant gullible to get that money.

    He buys two more large homes and a houseboat with it.Enlarging HIS carbon footprint.The hypocrisy never seems to be considered by the drooling knuckle dragging sycophantic followers he has.

    The massive conflict of interest Al $$$ Gore has,is not considered either.His army of followers are obviously morons.

    I am almost hoping we have a massive cooling trend in the next few decades.Just to show these idiots up.

    • greg2213 said

      I think you’re right on, here. I also think that we WILL have a cooling trend. It’ll last about 20 or so years, then will blip back up again for another 30 years or so. Just like it has many times before. In a few years the Global Cooling alerts will start.

  2. Russell C said

    Yes indeed, somewhere in the 24hr-athon, perhaps within mere minutes of its start, Gore will tell us that skeptic scientists are in a tobacco industry-like conspiracy to stall action that would save us all from certain doom.

    Missing once again will be direct proof for this 15-20 year old guilt-by-association accusation. It turns out Gore and everybody else’s accusation has been one-and-the-same thing for this entire time, based on otherwise unseen evidence that when viewed in its complete context (it took me 7 months to find it), has every appearance of being unsupportable and out-of-context. For more on that, please see my article here: “The Great Global Warming Ponzi Scheme – how the mainstream media keeps it alive”

  3. Mika Holub said


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