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Sanity in the Media

Posted by greg2213 on March 27, 2013

As time goes on and the CAGW meme breaks down we will be seeing bits of sanity appearing in various traditional media (Main Stream Media, aka MSM.) It’ll probably be awhile before it happens in the US, though. Most US Media is lovingly in bed with the Obama regime and its love for the CAGW hysteria.

Newest notes are on top.


No Virgina, sea level rise (what little there may be of it) is not drowning those islands. WUWT has a pic from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation showing this. Here’s the ABCnews post, at least until they remove it.


May 14 (Reuters) – A melt of ice on Greenland and Antarctica is likely to be less severe than expected this century, limiting sea level rise to a maximum of 69 cm (27 inches), an international study said on Tuesday.

NYT backs off the hysteria by a small bit: Some recent scientific papers have made a splash by claiming that the answer might not be as bad as previously feared. This work — if it holds up — offers the tantalizing possibility that climate change might be slow and limited enough that human society could adapt to it without major trauma.

NoTricksZone adds some commentary to the NYT article, as does WUWT.

From Australia 

SEA level rises triggered by Greenland’s melting glaciers will be far less severe than previously thought, new modelling suggests.

European and US researchers predict the impact on sea levels from the island’s melting glaciers could be as little as 7 per cent of previous projections of more than half a metre.

Here (login is required.)

More from Germany (4/29)

Media outlets in Europe are beginning to question all the global warming claims, especially as Central Europe reels from one of its coldest springs in living memory.

The article is dubbed: Scientists have embarrassed themselves: climate change is not happening.”

Die Zeit Shocks Readers

Now that the global mean temperature curve has drifted out of and below the IPCC’s projected range, panic is breaking out.

The mother of German green weeklies, Die Zeit, appears to be taking measurements at the back of the house in preparation for the installation of a back door! Rahmstorf is back there with them, trying to talk them out of it.

Leading lefty journalist Harald Martenstein of Die Zeit, a weekly that recently portrayed Marc Morano as the Don Corleone of the North American climate denial syndicate, has an amusingly satirical essay on the misfortunes of climate science and modeling: On the surprises of climate change. Hat/tip: klimazwiebel. If you can read German, his essay is a jewel in irony and humor to behold. Effective because few things convey a message better than music or humor.

Martenstein, once a devout believer of the global warming religion, apparently he has been struggling to reconcile the glaring differences between climate expectations and hard reality.

Mother Of German Green Weeklies, Die Zeit, Shocks Readers…Now Casts Doubt On Global Warming!

And in Russia:

Russian Academy Of Sciences Experts Warn Of Imminent Cold Period: “Global Warming Is A Marketing Trick” By P Gosselin on 11. April 2013

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) here links to an article published by Stimme Russlands (Voice of Russia). The article is titled: Die Welt vor einer Eiszeit, in English: The World On The Verge Of An Ice Age.

Reports of global cooling are becoming more frequent. FLASHBACK: 30 experts predict cooling.

You’ll notice that this Voice of Russia report is more than a month old, and so one wonders why it was never picked up by the western mainstream media.

The article writes that Russian scientists are predicting that “a little ice age will begin in 2014“. The article adds….

Here’s the article: Russian Academy Of Sciences Experts Warn Of Imminent Cold Period

Yahoo News: 

WASHINGTON (AP) — Last year’s huge drought was a freak of nature that wasn’t caused by man-made global warming, a new federal science study finds.

Scientists say the lack of moisture usually pushed up from the Gulf of Mexico was the main reason for the drought in the nation’s midsection.

Thursday’s report by dozens of scientists from five different federal agencies looked into why forecasters didn’t see the drought coming. The researchers concluded that it was so unusual and unpredictable that it couldn’t have been forecast.

“This is one of those events that comes along once every couple hundreds of years,” said lead author Martin Hoerling, a research meteorologist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. “Climate change was not a significant part, if any, of the event.”

Report: Global warming didn’t cause big US drought

UK’s Met Office Internal Climate Report Differs from What They Say to the Press.

Following the wet summer in the UK last year, the  Met Office provided the Environment Agency with a briefing document, giving an overview of the weather. This was discussed at the September Board Meeting of the Environment Agency, which Met Office officials attended.

As far as I know, this document, which I obtained through FOI, has never entered the public domain. It is brutally honest in admitting how little the Met’s scientists understand about what affects our climate, and, in particular, what caused the unusual weather last year. This is in stark contrast to many of the hyped up claims, made in public statements in the recent past by, among others, the Met Office themselves.

The full document is reproduced below, but there are four particular areas I wish to focus on.

Met Office’s Private Briefing Document For The Environment Agency

Various links to Sane Media from Climate Depothere.

The Economist says that The climate may be heating up less in response to greenhouse-gas emissions than was once thought. But that does not mean the problem is going away

OVER the past 15 years air temperatures at the Earth’s surface have been flat while greenhouse-gas emissions have continued to soar. The world added roughly 100 billion tonnes of carbon to the atmosphere between 2000 and 2010. That is about a quarter of all the CO₂ put there by humanity since 1750. And yet, as James Hansen, the head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, observes, “the five-year mean global temperature has been flat for a decade.”

Obviously they still believe, but they’re not quite as hysterical as before. Here’s the rest.

A Denmark paper runs a four page spread on the hysteria: 

The Jyllands-Posten piece represents another major step by important elements of the European media in taking a tougher and more critical look at climate science. Prominent climate scientists are speaking out, and the media is handing them the megaphone.

Here it is

The UK’s MailOnline rips into the ridiculous energy policies of the UK politicians. 

He wants to hire yet more civil servants to set up a ‘Heat Network Unit’ to provide ‘expert advice’.
And he wants us to pay for ‘100 green apprenticeships’ for ‘young people to work in smallscale renewable technologies’.

What planet is this man living on? He has only to step outside his centrally heated Whitehall office to see that the rest of us are having to struggle through the coldest March for 50 years.

Yet, just when we need heat and light for our homes and workplaces more than ever, we are rapidly heading for by far the most serious energy crisis this country has ever faced.

We learned at the weekend that Britain’s gas supplies have run so perilously low that we could be depending on just two giant tankers imported from the Middle East to heat our homes at a time when world gas prices are soaring.

Last week, we also lost two more of our major coal-fired power stations, forced to close down by an EU pollution directive – leading the head of our second-largest power company, SSE, to warn our generating capacity is being cut back so far that major blackouts may soon be inevitable.

The article really tears into them. Read more here:

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Warming? Cooling? Which is really Next?

Posted by greg2213 on December 28, 2010

For some background on warming cooling media cycles, see this post, then the following will make more sense.

OK, you’re back. It’s been settled that CAGW is bunk. So what is real? Is the world warming a bit or cooling a bit? (We’ll pretend, for the moment, that a “global temperature” actually has some meaning.)

Let’s assume that we’re entering a cooling phase, especially since there’s been no warming for awhile. In a few year the media will have forgotten the warming scare and will be writing up the cooling. A few more years and the “new ice age” headlines will be popping out, just like they did before, more than once.

Roughly 30 years from now it will likely start warming again. Give it a few years and the ice age headlines will be ignored and a new warming scare will begin.

In my opinion the media is looking for sensational headlines, on the idea that those headlines will sell more product. In addition, they are, politically, overwhelmingly on the side of the party which is pushing the scare, either scare (said party starts with a “D.”) For this reason I don’t think we can expect our media to change. Whichever way the climate seems to be going we can count on wild headlines appearing. Perhaps their best value is in comic relief.

I think we’re at the beginning of a new media cycle. Those of us who are skeptical of GW “science” should, I think, remain skeptical of the cooling stories, too. Especially when Mr. Gore and Co. start telling us that we have to make him rich, destroy our economies, and hand governmental power to the UN in order to fend off the coming ice age.


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The 10:10 Video – Blowing up Kinds is Funny??

Posted by greg2213 on October 1, 2010

The 10:10 video about blowing up people who disagree (which is supposed to be funny, but since I disagree I don’t get the joke) is apparently going viral.Not, I’m not linking to it, though the sites below are.

In the puritanical world I live in the idea of using children for one’s sick humor just isn’t done. Sure, the exploding kids are global warming infidels, but what if it was a Taliban flick blowing up non-believing kids? It’d be funny wouldn’t it? To them, anyway. How about Democrats blowing up conservative kids? I’m sure that and such would find that to be hilarious.

So I guess I can take this a couple of ways:

  • It’s just a piece produced by bigots/elitists for their own crowd, the people who “get it.” Maybe I’ll browse their site for their KKK affiliation. They’re obviously not part of the “tolerance and diversity” crowd.
  • They’re clueless about people who aren’t part of their crowd (much like our President, with his “Guns and bibles…” remark) so greatly misjudged the reaction to the video. Any belief system that doesn’t fit theirs is to be ridiculed, or worse. They call stuff like this, Edgy

Of course, given the things that people in this crowd have already said, well, it’s easy to believe that there’s something a little nastier than just comedy going on.

From the AirVent:

What the heck is wrong with envirowhackos.  This isn’t funny, it isn’t sane, it will convince noone of anything, it’s gratuitously violent, it’s indirectly threatening and worst of all, it’s obnoxiously ignorant.  Save the world by blowing up people who won’t do exactly what enviros tell them.My god these idiots should be ashamed.

The rest: Cull the Skeptics

Eu Referendum has a good write-up about it:

Most chilling of all is the casual attitudes and lack of emotion of the cold-blooded killers, the blood-splattered “teacher” happily smiling while giving homework instructions to her shocked class, after having murdered two of her charges. The SS would have been so proud of her.

The rest: Eco-jihad – the movie

GreenPeace should be right in line with the video:

Greenpeace is known for breaking the law, trespassing, putting other people at risk, and chaining its members to drilling platforms to protest and, more importantly, to reap the capital of publicity. That’s one thing – but it’s quite another to recruit, psychologically manipulate, and exploit a child for the purpose waging psychological war on people who have different opinions. Greenpeace is ratcheting up the level of violence.

The rest: Greenpeace Violence Is Escalating: “The Lines Are Drawn”

And, of course, there’s WUWT, with several posts on this thing.

Well, well, somebody came to their senses. About two hours ago, around 6:30AM PST, 10:10 took down their disgusting video showing school children were skeptical of carbon reduction suggestions from their teacher, get blown up in a gory bloodbath that covered other students with gore. It was first covered at WUWT here:

10:10 exploding skeptical children video “disappears”

A very weak non-apology from 10:10 – no admission that they have the slightest clue as to what the fuss is about.

This comment from WUWT pretty much sums it up:

I am still gobsmacked that this is real. They actually thought this was a good idea? Amazing. Goes to show how out-of-touch you can get when you surround yourself with like-minded thinkers, errr maybe not thinkers in this case, but you get the point.

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More Collapsing of the Alarmist AGW Concept

Posted by greg2213 on January 30, 2010

Catastrophic Warming was never a theory, in any scientific sense, and was shown to be a bad (wrong) hypothesis just by looking at data from several tens of millions of years ago when CO2 levels were far higher than now.

Finally the (mainstream) media is starting to notice inconvenient truths about the whole issue.

You know about glaciergate, here’s more: Times Online (UK:) Climate chief was told of false glacier claims before Copenhagen – the chairman (Rajendra Pachauri) of the leading climate change watchdog (IPCC) was informed that claims about melting Himalayan glaciers were false before the Copenhagen summit

China Daily: Do three errors mean breaking point for IPCC? – “Ancient Chinese considered three a breaking point. They could forgive two errors, but not a third. Now that the IPCC has admitted three “human” errors, isn’t it time scientists gave its work a serious review?”

Times Online (UK:) Indian glaciologist criticised by IPCC chief joins calls for resignation – Rajendra Pachauri falls out of favour in home country, as scientists and campaigners add to pressure on him to step down…

Hilarious Article in the Irish Times: Deniers winning climate change war. Why hilarious?

  • deniers are “winning the propaganda war” which reads to me that the alarmists admit to  using propoganda.
  • “…acknowledged that scientists were “lousy” at communicating their ideas to the general public…” They’ve never had to, Al Gore and the media do it for them. The entire MSM, celebrities, and many governments are on the alarmist side and they are losing the propoganda war? Must be some seriously bad science on the alarmist side, I think. With that much ammo on their side I think the alarmist case must hold about as much water as the flat earth argument.
  • “…the reality that man-made climate change was an accepted fact among climate scientists…” Not a reality, except among a small group of CSs. Now, if he dropped the “man-made” part we would all be in agreement. Climate change happens.
  • ““Not having being brought up in the literary and debating societies, scientists are not very good at winning arguments…” Maybe HE isn’t, but see above about which side the media is on. It would help of they had good arguments and didn’t have Al Gore and the media making their arguments.
  • “…that argument (no warming, even cooling) could be easily refuted by looking at temperature changes since 1980, which would show that temperatures have been on an upward trajectory.”  Temps head up (slightly) till 1998 then level off. Where’s the warming, Doc? And which part of it is different from previous warming periods? No warming for 12 years and we should be worried, because…?
  • I don’t think the good Dr. understands (nevermind respects) the skeptics arguments. Maybe that’s his problem.
  • This is kind of like Kerry, Hansen,  and others complaining about being censored while on the Leno show.

Greenpeace is also a source for the IPCC: Not the there is necessarily anything wrong with Greenpeace, but they are an advocacy organization, not a scientific one. The IPCC report should clearly state that some of their conclusions were based on reports from advocacy groups.

A little more pn Greenpeace and the IPCC: Greenpeace Experts Direct Parts of UN IPCC AR4 Report

And to sum up some of the problems, here’s an editorial by Nature (the “science” journal) with translation, and appropriate corrections, by the Air Vent: The Politics of Nature

JoNova has a video of Obama’s SoTU address and argues that the crowd is laughing at Obama’s “climate change” remark, not with it. I’m not sure I agree. Here’s the video.

Oh yeah, a certain well-known terrorist believe in man made climate change, too. Or he believes that this is a way to get his remarks back into a highly sympathetic media. “Oooo…  he believes in CC, we’ll run the article!”

And people wonder why we’re not willing to give up our economies on the IPCC recommendations? The Catastrophic warming idea is dead. Let’s bury it and move on.

For more links see the previous post: Is the AGW Scare Collapsing?

Update: More stuff

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Is the AGW Scare Collapsing?

Posted by greg2213 on January 27, 2010

There are some interesting bits that suggest the Man-Made Global Warming scenario is starting to break down. Of course, by this I mean the Al Gore inspired, WE  MUST DO SOMETHING NOW OR WE WILL ALL DIE!!! global warming, not the few 10ths that the world might actually have warmed over the last 100 or so years.

The speed at which the AGW scenario will collapse is directly proportional to the speed at which the Worldwide Mainstream Media grabs hold of the story. If they decide that it’s juicy enough to overturn their well-established (pro-AGW) views on the issue, then they will due a lot of work on the issue.

While the MSM has been ignoring the issue there are some cracks appearing in their wall of denial. I expect more will be coming soon enough.

Australia’s Herald Sun has Ten signs that the warming scare is collapsing

Watt’s, Smith, and Co released their critique of the surface station record

Insider Andrew Weaver is getting out while the going is good

A scientist quoted by Gore throws Gore under the bus (and Gore did quote Dr. Maslowski’s wild remarks correctly.)

US House of Rep bill. If a Democrat is authoring one of these then the Warming issue is getting more interesting.

  • HR391 – To amend the Clean Air Act to provide that greenhouse gases are not subject
    to the Act, and for other purposes. By Marsha Blackburn, R, Tenn
  • HR4396 – To amend the Clean Air Act to provide that greenhouse gases are not subject to the Act, and for other purposes. Rep. Earl Pomeroy [D-ND]

Glacier claims known to be bogus

Top scientist breaks ranks…

Further damning revelations are pouring in from the gaping wound that has inflicted the fast unraveling theory of the green monster that is man made global warming…. Christy served as a UN IPCC lead author in 2001 for the 3rd assessment report.

More: top climatologist openly breaks with Climategate conspirators

Science Chief calls for honesty..

The impact of global warming has been exaggerated by some scientists and there is an urgent need for more honest disclosure of the uncertainty of predictions about the rate of climate change, according to the Government’s chief scientific adviser…

Professor Beddington said that climate scientists should be less hostile to sceptics who questioned man-made global warming. He condemned scientists who refused to publish the data underpinning their reports.

More: Science chief John Beddington calls for honesty on climate change, also on


More to come…

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Times of India Worries About Ice Age

Posted by greg2213 on January 18, 2010

Shades of 1975. Once upon a time the DOOM! story of choice was the coming ice age. Actually, at least a couple of times. Now it’s back, at least in one story.

Filling the atmosphere with greenhouse gases associated with global warming could push the planet into a new ice age, scientists have warned.

Researchers at the University of Birmingham found that 630 million years ago the earth had a warm atmosphere full of carbon dioxide but was completely covered with ice, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The scientists studied limestone rocks and found evidence that large amounts of greenhouse gas coincided with a prolonged period of freezing temperatures.

Read the rest of this scare story here

So maybe some scientists are looking for grants to study cooling and made some scary statements to the T of I to enhance their chances of receiving said grants. Maybe they said something pretty tame and the T of I ran with it. Maybe they made it all up, which is what the alarmist accuse skeptics of doing about the 1975 reports. (No reputable scientists were involved in the making of these reports…)

Now, the writers are right about CO2 being far higher in the distant past and they are right about the occasional ice age happening, despite the CO2 levels. However, way back when, it was mostly much warmer than now (by as much as 10C) and mostly very very green.

So, if anything, the story shows that CO2 has nothing to do with tipping points dropping us into an ice age. It also points to CO2 not being a primary driver of climate.

My take on the story? Zzzzzz……

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WaPo Vs. Climate Depot

Posted by greg2213 on January 15, 2010

The Washington Post, as alarmist as anyone, published an editorial suggesting that Mr. Obama must (paraphrasing here) get something done now!

Climate Depot responded, WaPo responded back (insultingly,) and then CD kicked Wapo’s ***.

Here’s the full C. Depot article with lots of links to more interesting stuff, covering the whole warming discussion. You probably shouldn’t read it unless you have an hour or so…

Some of the topics covered are:

  • UN/Alarmists deceit
  • UN “Scientific Methods”
  • About that “consensus”
  • About being “Heartless…”
  • Politcs and money. The UN IPCC is a political group, not a scientific one.
  • sea level
  • natural disasters (eg: cyclones)
  • the “do-nothing” approach. not.
  • what scientists say about UN procedure

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Time Mag Announces Approaching Ice Age

Posted by greg2213 on January 15, 2010

And more…

I’ll just drop them in as I come across them. Most recent are at the top of the list.

  • In 1971, the world’s top climate scientists Schneider, Hansen and Rasool predicted that burning fossil fuels would trigger an ice age. They also determined that CO2 was nothing to worry about. Here.
  • The End Holocene – a discussion of abrupt climate change leading to an ice age. Includes clips from the 70s of scientists warning Nixon of exactly that. Also see Glacial Inception and the prior articles linked to from these two posts.
  • U.S. Scientist Sees New Ice Age Coming


PopTech added a comment noting that the list of cooling alarmism is his. Here’s his page: 1970s Global Cooling Alarmism. (It’s also linked to, below.) The comment below, from Newsbusters, is also his.

Thank you, PopTech!


The 1970s Ice Age Scare

Lots more here

Update 3/1/13:  Similar list from WUWT, but longer, and one from PopTech.

Update 7/4: More debunking of the “cooling scare deniers:”  The CIA documents the global cooling research of the 1970’s

Update 2/7: Some wags claim that the 70s ice age scare has been discredited. Unfortunately for their argument and their meme of “Doom!”, they’re wrong. As usual.

Deniers from the hockey team tell us that the 1970s ice age scare never happened, or that scientists were not behind it. They are as well informed as holocaust deniers. Below is overwhelming evidence that the 1970s were colder than earlier in the century.

Here’s the rest and the excerpts, lots of excerpts: Liars And Deniers In The Midst

update 12/17: ClimateDepot has a writeup on the subject:

Despite many claims to the contrary, the 1970’s global cooling fears were widespread among many scientists and in the media. Despite the fact that there was no UN IPCC organization created to promote global cooling in the 1970s and despite the fact that there was nowhere near the tens of billions of dollars in funding spent today to promote man-made global warming, fears of a coming ice age, showed up in peer-reviewed literature, at scientific conferences, voiced by prominent scientists and throughout the media.

Newsweek Magazine even used the climate “tipping point” argument in 1975. Newsweek wrote April 28, 1975 article: “The longer the planners delay, the more difficult will they find it to cope with climatic change once the results become grim reality.”

But on October 24, 2006, Newsweek admitted it erred in predicting a coming ice age in the 1970’s.

here’s the rest: Climate Depot’s Factsheet on 1970s Coming ‘Ice Age’ Claims

NoFreeWind discusses this Time article, from 1975. Links to the article and more info are on that site.  The Cooling World

Science News had a similar article, here: (Here’s a local copy in case the above link disappears.)

Headlines from the New York Times

The print version: Newsbusters has 150 Years of Global Warming and Cooling at the New York Times

PDFs on Cooling and other hysteria

Fire and Ice

More media reports of warming and cooling. This is the Fire and Ice PDF and details science and media hysteria over the last century. Here’s a web page version.

Science News 1975: The Chilling Possibilities

More Links

The following selection of links is from Newsbusters, and was posted in the comments section: (5/27/13 – this list was posted on Newsbusters by PopTech.)

1970 – Colder Winters Held Dawn of New Ice Age – Scientists See Ice Age In the Future (The Washington Post, January 11, 1970)
1970 – Is Mankind Manufacturing a New Ice Age for Itself? (L.A. Times, January 15, 1970)
1970 – Pollution Could Cause Ice Age, Agency Reports (St. Petersburg Times, March 4, 1970)
1970 – Pollution Called Ice Age Threat (St. Petersburg Times, June 26, 1970)
1971 – U.S. Scientist Sees New Ice Age Coming (The Washington Post, July 9, 1971)
1971 – New Ice Age Coming – It’s Already Getting Colder (L.A. Times, October 24, 1971)
1972 – British climate expert predicts new Ice Age (The Christian Science Monitor, September 23, 1972)
1972 – Scientist Sees Chilling Signs of New Ice Age (L.A. Times, September 24, 1972)
1972 – Another Ice Age? (Time Magazine, November 13, 1972)
1973 – Weather-watchers think another ice age may be on the way (The Christian Science Monitor, December 11, 1973)
1974 – Another Ice Age? (Time Magazine, June 24, 1974)
1974 – 2 Scientists Think ‘Little’ Ice Age Near (The Hartford Courant, August 11, 1974)
1974 – Ice Age, worse food crisis seen (The Chicago Tribune, October 30, 1974)
1975 – Climate Changes Called Ominous (PDF) (The New York Times, January 19, 1975)
1975 – Climate Change: Chilling Possibilities (Science News, March 1, 1975)
1975 – B-r-r-r-r: New Ice Age on way soon? (The Chicago Tribune, March 2, 1975)
1975 – The Ice Age cometh: the system that controls our climate (The Chicago Tribune, April 13, 1975)
1975 – The Cooling World (Newsweek, April 28, 1975)
1975 – Scientists Ask Why World Climate Is Changing; Major Cooling May Be Ahead (PDF) (The New York Times, May 21, 1975)
1975 – In the Grip of a New Ice Age? (International Wildlife, July-August, 1975)
1976 – Worrisome CIA Report; Even U.S. Farms May be Hit by Cooling Trend (U.S. News & World Report, May 31, 1976)
1976 – The Cooling: Has the Next Ice Age Already Begun? (Book, 1976)
1977 – The Big Freeze (Time Magazine, January 31, 1977)
1977 – The Weather Conspiracy: The Coming of the New Ice Age (Book, 1977)
1978 – Believe new ice age is coming (The Bryan Times, March 31, 1978)
1978 – The Coming Ice Age (In Search Of – TV Show, Season 2, Episode 23, May 1978)
1979 – New ice age almost upon us? (The Christian Science Monitor, November 14, 1979)

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is Not Pollution

Read the whole Newsbusters article here: 100 Years of Headlines About Catastrophic Climate Change (The video above is an updated version of the one on the Newsbusters page, provided by one of their commenters, and is much easier to watch.)

Lies? Truths?

The alarmists say that the warnings of cooling in the 70s are a skeptic lie. Yeah, well, somebody was feeding those stories to the media. Maybe it was a noisy Al Gore type or maybe the media made it all up, much like they do today. Maybe it’s the alarmists who are lying, given the hysteria that their side is pushing.

Either way, the media is relevant, since that’s where most people get their info. The media IS the voice of science for most people. Perhaps the alarmists should be concerned about modern reporting on climate?

Update – more links to articles of Doom!:

In a few years will the media be telling us, again, of the approaching ice age? Will the fear-mongering crowd (Al Gore crowd) be telling us that “scientists were not warming of Global Warming in the 90s and early 2000s?”

Update 2/18/11:

References to related stuff on Amazon:

Light Reading on Amazon:

  • The World in Winter (Alpha Books) – A post apocalyptic world where an ice-age has rendered much of the northern world uninhabitable. Out of print, but available used.
  • Fallen Angels – Reeling under a new ice age, the lunatic fringe of the environmental movement controls the US government. Abandoned by Earth, the space colonies replenish their air by scoop-ships diving into the atmosphere – but Alex and Gordon’s ship was hit by a missile, and they are now wanted dead or alive.

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Melting Ice, Seals in Trouble, Radical Changes…

Posted by greg2213 on January 15, 2010

Washington Times reports on upcoming climate disaster:

The Arctic ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from Consul Ifft, at Bergen, Norway.

Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers, he declared, all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard-of temperatures in the Arctic zone. Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met with as far north as 81 degrees 29 minutes. Soundings to a depth of 3,100 meters showed the gulf stream still very warm.

Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth and stones, the report continued, while at many points well known glaciers have entirely disappeared. Very few seals and no white fish are found in the eastern Arctic, while vast shoals of herring and smelts, which have never before ventured so far north, are being encountered in the old seal fishing grounds.

Oh, wait, that was from 1922…

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Media Accounts of Global Warming/Cooling Over the Years

Posted by greg2213 on January 15, 2010

Everyone knows that for the past 30 some odd years the alarmist crowd has been alarming about Global Warming. Something that many people don’t know is that the crowd was alarming about Global Cooling in the 1970s. Some members of that crowd were the same people as the modern warming crowd.

There was also “some concern” about warming in the 30s and 40s.

Here’s a PDF of media coverage of warming/cooling over the last 120 years or so.

Fire and Ice

So next time someone tells you that the modern period is unique you can just smile knowingly.

1907 NY Times post about golf stream slowing down

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