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Al Gore’s (un)Reality Show

Posted by greg2213 on July 17, 2011

Update 8/6:

Mr. Gore expresses his frustrations with trying to push his fantasies against reality. Defeated Gore unleashes: ‘It’s no longer acceptable in mixed company

The Hockey Schtick pokes some holes in Gore’s “argument”

More on the Failure of Al Gore

Original post:

Al Gore is preparing an event, for Sept 14, to show the world his delusion of climate change.

Well, I don’t think it’ll amount to much, but WUWT has a post on how Al’s delusions might be challenged.

Plenty of comments and plenty of suggestions appear there. Most of the comments are suggestion arguing with the facts to counter the delusions, but I think that’s a poor idea.

There are no facts supporting CAGW, and a lot that counter CAGW, but still the hysteria goes on. There’s too much emotion, money (taxes, investments, fraud,) power (control,) and greed wrapped up in it for it to go away.

So here’s a better suggestion, I think. A commenter says:

I am reading Ann Coulter’s new book, “Demonic” and it has good lessons about dealing with a mob and the warmists do fit that description. This post recommends reasoned arguments. Mobs do not respond to reasoned arguments. You need to provide them with mental pictures based on good arguments such as:

  • Headline: “Electricity prices to double.” followed by a picture of the sweltering poor unable to afford air conditioning.
  • Headline: “Greens stop coal plant in Africa.” followed by a picture of a hut where burning dung has to be used to cook food.
  • Video of some idiot saying, “Energy prices will necessarily skyrocket.”
  • Video of the unemployed in Montana where an aluminum plant was shut down because the greens in California will not allow power plants to be built.

Get the picture? Every time the warmists show a picture of a polar bear, show a picture from Detroit.

I think this is one of the very best suggestions in the whole thread. It’s not Gore’s beliefs which are destructive, it’s the policy changes that he and his ilk wish to inflict upon us.

So let’s show the consequences of those policies.

How about a video of people trying to manage with their 6 hour a day eletrical alotment, then the camera pulls back to show that it’s us, under Gore’s policies.

People freezing in the UK because the windmills are frozen/broken and not generating anything. The video can open with the green elites (eg: Gore) living high in their heated mansions with all the lights on.

Show the relatively clean industries that are being shut down, for green reasons, and then being moved to China (and elsewhere,) where there are no restrictions on pollution. A big net loss, but the greens feel happy as long as they don’t think too deeply about it.

Show the Gov types adding up their new tax revenues while the sidebar to the video show unemployment climbing.

Show the toxic chemicals and manufacturing that goes into making electric vehicles and some types of wind and solar devices.

Show a video with a guy in coveralls making remarks about CO2 pollution and how it’s bad for everything, then opening up his greenhouse, which is at 1500 ppm CO2, and showing the lush growth.

Make it sexy enough and you might get some media outlet to run with it, since they do love scandals and scare stories.

CAGW isn’t about facts, it’s about emotion, power, and money. So we need to show who’s profiting from the policies, who’s paying for the policies, and who’s dying from those policies.

Another comment that provides a good starting point:

Rather than tackle gore on science, how about on behavior. how a person acts tells you much more about what they truly believe, as compared to what they say.

For example:

1. gore lives in a big house and creates lots more co2 than the average person. does he want us all to live like he does? if not, then why does he live like this?

2. gore has 4 children yet is going around telling women to have less children. apparently at the same time he was going around trying to spread his own seed, if events with tipper are any indication.

3. gore in the past made his money selling tobacco. an addictive substance that causes great harm. reportedly his sister died of lung cancer. gore is a rich man. he says he regrets selling tobacco. has he set up a substantial trust fund with his wealth to pay victims of tobacco?

4. gore was heavily invested in co2 tracing before ccx was sold. has he simply moved his investments into another co2 vehicle such as redd? has he filed a conflict of interest statement?

5. gore says sea levels are rising dangerously but bought a property vulnerable to sea level rise. does this make sense if sea levels are rising dangerously?

6. gore in his movie misrepresented the connection between temperature and co2 in the ice cores. he used a clever wording to overcome the causation problem with temperature leading co2, to imply that temperature was caused by co2.

7. etc. etc.

These points would seem to be the sorts of things that the average person would use to evaluate whether gore can be trusted. most people would skip the science because it isn’t their specialty. what most people look at is behavior to judge if the person is truthful or not. most people recognize that folks don’t always tell the truth, even to themselves.

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Climate Change Policies = Starvation

Posted by greg2213 on February 16, 2010

On BigJournalism:

A few weeks ago, Lord Christopher Monckton told me a distressing story about a visit to Haiti. He said that poverty in that troubled nation is so pervasive that many of its inhabitants have been reduced to eating mud pies. The term “mud pies” is not slang for a local staple made from locally-grown cereal crops. We’re talking about people reduced to eating actual dirt. Monckton watched Haitians form mud into the shape of pies, mixing in a sprinkling of whatever nutritional foodstuffs might be available (like oil and salt) and then “cooking” the mud pies in the sun.

The article goes on to explain how climate change policies have made their plight of these people worse.

Given what various extremists have said about “the need for” population decrease there’s a part of me that thinks that this is not an “unintended consequence.”

Of course, given that these same people know nothing about economics, markets, or reality, maybe it really is unintended.

Here’s the story: Unintended Consequences: Battling ‘Climate Change’ Creates Famine

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