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Obama Money

Posted by greg2213 on September 8, 2011

Nothing to do with Climate/Weather, but it’s just too funny and right on. 🙂

From JoNova:

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To Put Things into Perspective…

Posted by greg2213 on June 13, 2011

Bush and Obama, in perspective

Bush and Obama

Pretty much says it all. Even if Photoshop was used.

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Online Tax Revolt

Posted by greg2213 on March 23, 2010

An easy way to make your voice heard. Don’t care for what the socialists are doing? Sign up.

Online Tax Revolt

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Marc Morano Speech at 2010 CPAC

Posted by greg2213 on February 20, 2010

From Climate Depot

I’m watching the speech and he makes a couple of killer comments. Paraphrasing here…

The decision to have Al Gore being the Global Warming spokesman. Are you nuts? Given American political reality?  (Of course, Obama has been clear on what he and the left think of most of America, but it was still a pretty bad PR move.)

Given the US distrust (richly deserved) of the UN you’re going to have the UN drive the Warming Mitigation strategy? Ok, that pretty much guarantees that the US will never be entirely on board.

My note: Of course, given that most of the world prefers socialism, communism, and dictatorships I don’t think it’s possible to have a Governmental agency that America would trust.

He’s right on about the politics and goals of the warming movement and discusses the next eco scares being test-marketed.

“man made climate theory is now akin to ancient astrology”

“ordinary people see through man-made climate fears, but educated people are very vulnerable.”

Obama gets credit for slowing the sea level rise.

We have to keep fighting because they (Al Gore & Co) will regroup.

  1. Morano video Part 1

  2. Part 2

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Add the Climate Bills to This…

Posted by greg2213 on February 16, 2010

Hillbuzz has an awesome post. They call it “Debt and Deficit,” I might call it “Our Gov on Democrats.” They created a trio of graphs to show the direction that  our budget and deficits are taking under the current administration.I think the estimates used to make the graphs are pretty conservative, as all Gov estimates are.

Check it out and then imagine adding to it all of the Climate Cure scams proposed by various entities.

Debt and Deficit

By the way, don’t let the header fool you. These guys are not your modern (ie: Obama) democrats.

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About That Obstruction

Posted by greg2213 on February 9, 2010

Seems like our glorious leaders are unhappy that the Republicans aren’t aren’t kowtowing to their socialist (Catastrophic Global Warming = More Government Power) agenda. They should read their own press.

From the Coyote Blog

Mr. Bush has reacted by railing against Democrats for obstruction — as if Democrats are duty-bound to breathe life into his agenda and, even sillier, as if opposing a plan that the people do not want is an illegitimate tactic for an opposition party.

That was from the New York Times, in 2005.

Now, if the Times was a legitimate news organization it might have made note of that and chided the current group of comrades democrats.

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