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Heh. An Interesting Problem With Green Energy Incentives

Posted by greg2213 on April 14, 2010

I suppose I could make a remark here about the Government finding new stuff to spend money on so that it can raise taxes (to pay for the “necessary” spending) to raise money to spend on more things so that it can raise taxes (to pay for the “necessary” spending)…  but I won’t.

I can understand the idea of subsidizing “green” energy, though I don’t agree with it. You give  the producers of such enough of an incentive that they will produce the things you want them to, regardless of demand or market efficiencies.

With “green” energy one such subsidy is for power utilities (via Government edict) to buy that energy at a price far higher than they would pay for energy generated conventionally. Whether they can charge appropriate rates to regain their costs isn’t relevant here.

What happens when one can use cheap energy to power a “green” energy source, such as solar, and then sell the “solar” energy to the utilities at a profit? One might think that there would be a lot of this “green” energy generated. Even at night.

From WUWT:  The Insanity of Greenery

From BusinessWeek: Spanish Solar-Panel Trade Group Calls for Fraud Investigation

Now, how could one do this with wind power?


Now what if the energy from the “green” power was used to pump water uphill into a storage facility and then release it, to generate power, when demand was appropriate? It pretty much removes the concern about on/off wind & sunlight. Maybe you could even use salt-water and a canal system.

The only pollution in the system would be in the manufacturing.

How about using the “green” energy to crack H20 for the hydrogen?

How about some form of heat pump?

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