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What is “Sustainability?” The New Term for Communism?

Posted by greg2213 on July 6, 2010

Sustainability, whatever that is, has something in common with communism. They both sound great on paper.

In communism, in theory, the state goes away and people have responsibility for their own lives and are part of a supportive group. Oversimplified, sure, but let’s keep it that way for now.

The point is that we know how well communism works in the real wold, having generated more slaughter, misery, and environmental degradation than any other political or religious system. Yet people still believe in it and want it. There is an appalling number of Che/Castro/Mao/Lenin/Chavez/etc. fans out there.

Sustainability seems to me to be much the same thing. The basic idea sounds great. It’s pretty obvious to me that if we use up all of our resources now we’ll have some major problems. On the other hand, if we leave everything untouched, as so many Greens want us to do, then we’re also screwed. (Which seems to be Ok in the “minds” of many Greens.)

This reminds me of a Far Side cartoon. Some dogs are stranded in a life raft after their ship sinks. The life raft has plenty of supplies and the dogs taker a vote, something like, “All those in favor of eating all the food now, raise your paw.” Naturally, being dogs, all paws are raised.The title is something like, “Why Dogs Don’t Survive Shipwrecks.”

Sustainability seems to be loosing its obvious meaning and it looks to me like it’s becoming the new communism, being driving by a host of “Watermelons” (Green on the outside, Red on the inside.)

Anything so that the “Elites” can have more power, hmmm?

WUWT has a post on the subject, the topic being Sustainability and Ethics. Sustainability Teaching: “lack of ethical dimension” I think that one can argue that the Ethics of many Sustainability fans are far removed from the type of Ethics that most of us might be familiar with.


Paraphrasing a certain well-known communist:

“You Americans are so gullible! We don’t have to invade you! We will destroy you from within without firing a shot! We will bury you by the billions! We spoon feed you Sustainability until you are Communists and don’t even know it! We assist your elected leaders in giving you small doses of Sustainability until you suddenly awake to find you have Communism. the day will come when your grandchildren will live under communism!” – Nikita Khrushchev

Khrushchev was right, you know. We are rather gullible.


Another quote from a WUWT commenter:

Environment my backside. When they came to control you in your community they called it communism. When they came to control you in your society they called it socialism. When they came to control you in your environment they called it environmentalism.

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