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New Zealand Skeptics Rout Government Climatists

Posted by greg2213 on August 2, 2012

I’d seriously love to see a love more of this. If the hysterics wants us to believe their “science” then they need to show their work.

New Zealand skeptics of man-made global warming score historic legal victory as discredited government climate scientists perform U-turn and refuse to allow a third party peer-review report of official temperature adjustments to be shown in court. Skeptic lawyers move for sanctions likely to prove fatal to government’s case.

Breaking: Courtroom Chaos as New Zealand Skeptics Rout Government Climatists

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Big Business, Big Government, and “Warming”

Posted by greg2213 on August 3, 2010


Ok, who’s naive enough to think that Cap and Tax is dead? (Tax is what it’s all about, not environment.) Raise your hand. Remember that besides pretty much all of the Democrats, plenty of Republicans support it (and various other “green” measures) as well. Barring a massive change come Nov. we’ll see C&T raise its economy destroying head again. (Update: Actually, we’ll probably see it anyway in the “Lame Duck” session after the elections, as the Dems throw a final F.U. to the people.)

Big business loves C&T, if it’s in a position to profit from the trades (Goldman-Sachs will make billions. I expect they’ll send Obama and the Dems some major “thank you” gifts.) Business stand to make billions and is pumping a lot of money into C&T and related concepts. They’re not spending it on “skeptical” research. Government loves C&T, more money to obtain power and buy favors (and Democrats do love their taxes. ) Heck, most of the world’s governments are right in line with that last part.

Of course, it’s the rare alarmist that cares that the “warming mitigation” plans are being supported by big business looking to make serious money, they see it as their (the Green’s) rightful rulership over we, the mindless peons. Who woulda thought that the Greens were so in favor of this version of capitalism? Big Green = Big Biz = Big Gov and the little guy gets it in the shorts. The whole game really is about money and power, not about environmental issues.

Now, if we cut Big Gov’s paycheck by a massive amount then we damage that incestuous relationship. (And isn’t it interesting that the proposed solutions to the self-inflicted Government money woes are all along the lines of greater funding/taxes?)

Less funding of the climate scam might result in better science and the “too big to fail” mantra so loved by the current administration (and others) is license for all kinds of Business nonsense. They can get away with anything, knowing that Gov will bail them out (and the Gov probably laid the rules for Biz to do the “anything” in the first place, see “CRA”.) Wean Big Green and Big Biz off the Government cash stream and we might get better quality stuff out of all three.


From IBD:

Taxes: While the oil and gas companies are bearing the brunt of taxation, regulation and environmental angst, others are doing just fine, thank you. If you think cap-and-trade is dead, just follow the money.

According to a recently released Center for Responsive Politics review of reports filed with the U.S. Senate and U.S. House, General Electric and its subsidiaries spent more than $9.5 million on federal lobbying from April to June — the most it’s spent on lobbying since President Obama has been in office.

Why? As the fight over cap-and-trade grows, so does lobbying. Since January, GE and its units have spent more than $17.6 million on lobbying — a jump of 50% over the first six months of 2009.

GE is just one of many organizations and individuals that stand to make money if cap-and-trade makes it through Congress

Here’s the rest: Climate Profiteers

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Online Tax Revolt

Posted by greg2213 on March 23, 2010

An easy way to make your voice heard. Don’t care for what the socialists are doing? Sign up.

Online Tax Revolt

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