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The Precautionary Principle

Posted by greg2213 on November 8, 2010

The “Climate Change Will Kill Us All Unless We Do Something Hideously Expensive” crowd uses the precautionary principle (PP) as one of their justifications for action.

On the chance that something awful might happen, we should do everything in our power to stop it, including reorganizing western society and so on.

So let’s see what else the PP can protect us from…

Asteriods – they have hit the Earth is the past and, quite likely, will do so again. Creating a massive “asteroid deflection” program is clearly in humanity’s best interests, regardless of cost.

Volcanoes – inconvenient things, Volcanoes. Blowing up and spewing ash and such all over a wide area. Then there’s the “big one,” such as the one lurking under Yellowstone. If that one, or one like it elsewhere, goes off then the US will have a major issue (stop cheering, greenies.) No expense should be spared in studying these things and coming up with plans to mitigate their effects.

Iran – since the chances of Iran getting the bomb, and giving it to certain highly respected and trustworthy groups (eg: Hezbollah,) are far more likely than catastrohpic climate change, I think the PP states that we should attack Iran until we have completely verified that its nuclear weapons program is eradicated. Might as well completely remove its leadership, while we’re at it. Just in case, ya know.

Isn’t the PP wonderful? We can spend huge quantities of money on the above and then get to work on the imaginary CAGW. In fact, we can have the UN become a real governmental group and take over the entirety of each country’s economic systems, in order to generate the cash to keep the above issues well funded… er… keep them from becoming real problems.

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