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Climate Rap Disses the CRU (and Co.)

Posted by greg2213 on July 15, 2011

And it introduces the term Climate Hugger.

Now, if you think the the rapper is some capitalist corporate lackey right-wing conservative etc, well, the end of the video will change your mind.

JoNova says:

This is a great turning point. I know this has been circulating for weeks, but if you haven’t seen this climate rap, do check it out. Good Friday night stuff.

The warmers have been pretending for so long that they are the little guys fighting Big Oil, Big Industry, and Bad Government. The ruse worked so well, that the bubble is ripe for busting. They can’t “fight” the establishment — they are the Establishment.  They have a $144 billion carbon trading scheme, a $243 billion  renewables investment annually, not to mention a UN agency, and whole Western Government Departments spinning their dogma.  What self respecting youth wants to be a useful idiot fighting for their profits?

the post: The pendulum is swinging back now: Climate Rap

Here’s the video:



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Why The Left’s Global Warming Agenda Is Wrong

Posted by greg2213 on July 7, 2011

Excellent video by Dr. Spencer that neatly summarizes to global warming issue and why the political/green/left bodies pushing it are wrong.

Keep in mind the the Precautionary Principle that says we should destroy our economies and hand world dictatorship rule over to the UN also says that we should invade and crush Iran to keep it from developing, and using, the bomb. Just in case, you know.

Commenters to the video want evidence? There’s been plenty, they’ve ignored it all, why include it now? Besides, that would make a 3.5 minute video into a 3.5 hour video, lose 99% of the viewers, and still not satisfy the every-changing demands. Besides, it’s all on his site anyway, as well as being on various other skeptic sites.

At least one commenter claims that some leftists are skeptics and this is about the science, not the politics. Sorry, but Global Warming is 99% politics and 1% science and it is being driven entirely by groups that most would consider to be leftists.

Via JoNova’s site.

Here’s Dr. Spencer’s new book:
The Bad Science and Bad Policy of Obama’s Global Warming Agenda

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It Was Warmer Back Then

Posted by greg2213 on March 1, 2010

This is a YouTube video that shows what has happened to the temperatures since ’34 and the adjustments made to the temp record by Hansen & Co of NASA GISS. It probably should have been an animated gof or had some voice-over, but it does get the point across.

The green line in the graph show temps as they were prior to the adjustments, with the 30s being a bit warmer. The red line shows the adjusted version. Note how the red line then tips to match the green line.

For more background, se these posts on the same basic subject:

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Piers Corbyn 100 Year Forecast

Posted by greg2213 on January 15, 2010

Piers Corbyn, of, has made a climate/weather forecast for the next 100 years. It will probably be more accurate than anything the IPCC will come up with.

From June 26, 2009

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