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More Hysteria, We’ll All be Dead by 2050!

Posted by greg2213 on June 29, 2010

WUWT is adding to its collection of links to articles written by the deluded and the insane. This one, in particular, is interesting because it’s intended to be sent to your congress-critter.

Here’s the link:

We’re All GONNA DIE!!!!

WUWT doesn’t comment on the “article,” but the commenters do.

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The End is Nigh

Posted by greg2213 on April 21, 2010

The  UK’s Royal Society, worried about the loss of major amounts of grant money, has stated that Global Warming will cause more volcanoes. Anything to increase the alarm, even if it means flushing one’s credibility. From the Telegraph:

And he warned: ”The rise you may need may be much smaller than we expect. Looking ahead at climate change, we may not need massive changes.

”One of the worries is that tiny environmental changes could have these effects.”

Hmmm…. sounds like these people belong with certain cultists. Haven’t they been DoomSaying for over 2,000 years? And with a perfect record of error (100% wrong, every time) how could we not trust the cultists this time?

cartoon from

(Cartoon by We Blog Cartoons.)

Guess it’s time to move off-planet into those tightly controlled moon bases the RS is (probably not) designing.

WUWT also has a few, well deserved, snarky remarks

NumberWatch has a list of a few other things caused by global warming.

The End is Nigh

The End is Nigh!

Ok, to be fair, I don’t know if it was the society that made the claim or the “scientists” publishing their papers in the Society’s journal(s.) Does the RS include a disclaimer with their published papers, such as, “This paper does not necessarily reflect the view of…”  If so, then perhaps there is some credibility left.

On volcanoes and warming – various commenters (elsewhere) have made an interesting point. Since much of the ash ejected from a volcano is from melting ice hitting the magma (with explosive results,) so then if there is no ice atop the volcano here will be a lot less ash and a less destructive explosion. Yet another reason that global warming is a good thing. Without all that ice the Iceland eruption would have been a lot less interesting.

Ok, I have new respect for the RS, given this report by a band of real loonies.

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