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Warming? Cooling? Which is really Next?

Posted by greg2213 on December 28, 2010

For some background on warming cooling media cycles, see this post, then the following will make more sense.

OK, you’re back. It’s been settled that CAGW is bunk. So what is real? Is the world warming a bit or cooling a bit? (We’ll pretend, for the moment, that a “global temperature” actually has some meaning.)

Let’s assume that we’re entering a cooling phase, especially since there’s been no warming for awhile. In a few year the media will have forgotten the warming scare and will be writing up the cooling. A few more years and the “new ice age” headlines will be popping out, just like they did before, more than once.

Roughly 30 years from now it will likely start warming again. Give it a few years and the ice age headlines will be ignored and a new warming scare will begin.

In my opinion the media is looking for sensational headlines, on the idea that those headlines will sell more product. In addition, they are, politically, overwhelmingly on the side of the party which is pushing the scare, either scare (said party starts with a “D.”) For this reason I don’t think we can expect our media to change. Whichever way the climate seems to be going we can count on wild headlines appearing. Perhaps their best value is in comic relief.

I think we’re at the beginning of a new media cycle. Those of us who are skeptical of GW “science” should, I think, remain skeptical of the cooling stories, too. Especially when Mr. Gore and Co. start telling us that we have to make him rich, destroy our economies, and hand governmental power to the UN in order to fend off the coming ice age.


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